Releasing FedLLM: Build Your Own Large Language Models on Proprietary Data using the FedML Platform

FedML AI platform is democratizing large language models (LLMs) by enabling enterprises to train their own models on proprietary data. Today, we release FedLLM, an MLOps-supported training pipeline that allows for building domain-specific LLMs on proprietary data. The platform enables data collaboration, computation collaboration, and model collaboration, and supporting training

FedML AI platform releases the world’s federated learning open platform on the public cloud with an in-depth introduction of products and technologies!

Federated learning (FL) is a machine learning paradigm where many clients (e.g., edge servers or mobile/IoT devices) collaboratively train a model while keeping the training data decentralized. It has shown huge potential in mitigating many of the systemic privacy risks, regulatory restrictions, and communication costs resulting from the